Please note this is currently being update to Australian Essential Learning Standards (Aus Vels)


The Victorian Essential Learning Standards (2005) developed by the Board of Studies, provides a curriculum framework for Prep to Year 10. It describes the areas to be taught in schools and the level of skills and knowledge students are expected to acquire as they progress through their education. Student reports will reflect this progress.


The VELS curriculum is divided into 3 main strands,

1.  Physical, Personal and Social Learning. Which includes:

  • Health and Physical Education (Movement and physical activity Health knowledge and promotion)
  • Interpersonal Development (Building social relationships, Working in teams) Personal Learning (The individual learner,
  • Managing personal learning)
  • Civics and Citizenship (Civics knowledge and understanding, Community engagement)

2.  Discipline-based Learning Which includes:

  • The Arts (Creating and making, Exploring and responding)
  • English (Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening)
  • The Humanities (economics, geography, history)
  • Mathematics (Number, Space, Measurement, chance and data, Structure, Working mathematically)
  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE) (Communicating, knowledge and awareness)
  • Science (knowledge and understanding, Science at work)

3.  Interdisciplinary Learning Which includes:

  • Communication (Listening, viewing and responding, Presenting)
  • Design, Creativity and Technology (Investigating and designing, Producing, Analysing and evaluating)
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) (visualising thinking, creating, communicating)
  • Thinking Processes (Reasoning, processing and inquiry, Creativity, reflection, evaluation)

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