Attendance Fees

Forrest Primary School Council set the centre fees at the beginning of each year.

Fees for 2022 are:


Four year older kinder participants:
Wednesday, Thursday,Friday (9am-2pm)  15 hours a week= $ 400 per term.


Three year old kinder participants:
Wednesday, Thursday,Friday (9am-2pm)  15 hours a week= $ 400 per term.


These fees are to be paid at the beginning of each term with an account sent out at this time.


NOTE: Pre-school fees are set at a flat rate regardless of attendance.


Fees are subsidised for Health Care Card holders. This means that there are no fees payable if you have a child attending and you hold a current health care card. Your Health Care Card must be presented at the time of enrolment. 


Please note fees are current at the time of printing but may alter as determined by School Council.

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