Enrolment-Admission forms can be downloaded below, or are available at the school. 


For Prep enrolments, the forms should ideally be filled in during third term prior to your child commencing school.  This will assist in smooth planning and transition for the next school year. There will be other forms as well, available from the school office, including medical forms and bus travel documents.


School Readiness Check List for Preps:

The following list is a guideline for readiness. You can teach children to help themselves by teaching them to:

  • Know their name and address well enough to repeat them.
  • Obey when requested to do something.
  • Listen carefully.
  • Speak politely.
  • Know simple safety rules.
  • Put away their toys and tools after using them.
  • Dress and undress themselves.
  • Manage in a toilet by themselves.
  • Know the importance of washing hands after using the toilet.
  • Know how to use a handkerchief/tissue.
  • Tie their own sandals/shoes.
  • Care for property of others.
  • Respect rights of others.
  • Have good eating habits.
  • Can unwrap/ open their own lunch boxes/ drink bottles.
  • Make use of rubbish bins.
  • Mix happily with other children.
  • Follow simple instructions.
  • Get by without the continuous attention of a parent or adult.
  • Go through the length of a school day without a sleep.
  • Accept that she/he will not always get her/his own way.

Department of Education & Training - Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Form

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