Senior Room News

The Seniors have been enjoying our Wild Wednesdays as part of our Outdoor Education program. We have been concentrating on teamwork and cooperation skills as well as utilising natural materials. Students loved designing and building their own natural cubbies this term!

The Senior room has a strong focus on reading comprehension and have been expanding their skills in these areas by participating in a range of comprehension activities that target a specific skill, such as predicting and clarifying. Students have started to explore persuasive writing and the writing process. They have used techniques such as focus questions, physical prompts, rhetorical questioning and argumentative techniques to embed within their persuasive pieces.

Students are working to develop their place value knowledge through ordering larger numbers including 4 digits and completing hands on partitioning activities to further understand what each place value represents, including working with decimals for our grade 5 and 6 students.

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