Senior Room News

Students have been developing their persuasive skills by experimenting with a range of devices including high modality language, alliteration, rhetorical questions and the impact of statistics.

They have developed very convincing arguments about a range of topics including whether every town should have a public swimming pool.

Identifying the value of digits in large numbers, ordering them, and learning how to write them in words has kept students busy in Maths. They have also been identifying rules and continuing patterns, including those used in function machines.

Our major focus has been Australian history with students developing individual Inquiry questions to guide their research. Students have chosen a significant event or era to explore before creating a written piece, artefact and timeline to present to an audience at the end of term. Firsthand experiences during our camp at Sovereign Hill this term will help consolidate what they have learnt.

During Outdoor Education students have researched and designed their own bee hotel and are using donated materials to build their design.
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